June 8, 2020

Meet The Leadership Team

Last week we announced the new additions to our team so we wanted to formally introduce ourselves as well. We know this was long overdue, but it’s now time to meet the folks who truly inspire each other everyday, whether it is a new plugin idea or the best tasting beer!

Let’s start off with our NodeBB Co-founders: Julian, Andrew and Barış. They all met in 2011 while working at a social game company, and they quickly bonded over the idea that the time was right to build a new community platform for the future. In 2014, NodeBB was born.


Meet The Leadership Team
· Cutting his teeth on QBasic and PHP, he was an early adopter of games/applications built atop social media platforms.
· An advocate of digital minimalism, he writes about trends in technology and its impact on society.
· He lives in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife and baby boy. In his spare time, he can be found cycling, rock climbing, or playing saxophone.


Meet The Leadership Team
· Started off his journey with forum software back in 2004, building gaming features into early-era bulletin boards long before the word “gamification” became ubiquitous.
· His other interests include performing and producing music, practicing martial arts, watching his favourite soccer team lose, and reading (primarily physics and philosophy).


Meet The Leadership Team
· His journey as a developer started in 1998 when he coded his own text RPG game with Pascal. He has learnt various languages including Python, ActionScript and C++.
· Always thinking like an engineer, he enjoys designing solutions and planning his next challenge.
· In his spare time, he likes to play with his daughter, play video games and watch sci-fi shows.


Meet The Leadership Team
· Director of Marketing & Sales for NodeBB.· Has worked in marketing, sales, digital content and education for more than 20 years.
· Previously served as VP of Marketing at the membership management software firm Wild Apricot and Director of Strategy at the digital marketing agency 58Ninety.
· He has also worked extensively in strategy and business analysis in the digital publishing industry, most notably at Sun Media and the CBC.
· Outside of work, Jay sings and plays a variety of instruments with a number of blues and rock bands, and is the co-founder of the Scarborough Uke Jam. He is a Scarborough native, and still lives there with his wife and daughter.


Meet The Leadership Team
· Graduating with honors from George Brown College’s Business Administration program, she is the admin guru at NodeBB who ensures the smooth operation of the company with her extensive knowledge of office management.
· Among her favourite activities are spending time with her daughter, cooking, gardening and hosting feasts for family and friends.

Cover Photo Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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