June 27, 2018

NodeBB 1.10.0: privilege improvements and more

Summer is here, and so is the latest release of NodeBB, version 1.10.0.

One focus of this release are improvements to the privileges system. We’ve made allowing search and banning users a part of global permissions. In addition, the ability to view deleted posts and edit history are now privileges that can be set on a per category basis, allowing more control over what moderators and others can see. Furthermore, privilege labels in the Admin Control Panel are no longer hard-coded to English and will be localised to your language of choice.

In addition, as part of our ongoing effort to provide the best GDPR support of any forum software platform, IP addresses are no longer explicitly stored in the database for guests. Concerns had been expressed that storing these IP addresses violates GDPR prohibitions against keeping personally identifiable information (PII) without consent. Instead, IPs will stored as securely hashed values for the purposes of processing.

Other improvements in this release include:

  • Adding profile/cover photos can now be limited to users with a minimum reputation level
  • IP address of registered users are now recorded in chat messages, and can be seen by admins and moderators
  • An additional action hook has been added to the analytics increment event, making it easier to connect your forum to an external monitoring system
  • Additional data is now sent to filter:search.query hook for better search engine implementation downstream)

For a complete list of issues addressed, please see:


As usual, we recommend you update your forum to take advantage of the latest features. If you run into any issues, feel free to post in our community support forum.

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