November 15, 2017

NodeBB 1.7.0: Even faster, you say?

We keep saying improving speed with NodeBB is one of our top priorities. And guess what? With version 1.7.0 we’ve found even more ways to speed things up, specifically:

Overall, these changes mean v1.7.0 is now 83% faster on cold load and 68% faster on existing page transitions vs. v1.6.1. Since v1.6.0, we’ve solidified our load testing protocols, and have made it much easier to compare speeds in between versions. We look forward to streamlining NodeBB further in the future.

We’ve also made a few UX improvements. On the admin side, we’ve made some upgrades to the Post Queue for easier handling. For users, Ignored Topics and Unreplied Topics can both now be managed via dedicated pages, and /recent and /unread can now be filtered by multiple categories.

More importantly, We’ve also added support for the latest stable versions of Node.js (v8.x) and npm (v5.x). Some of the breaking changes in terms of plugin management caught us off-guard, but these problems should now be resolved in v1.7.0. For more information, see

Breaking changes for Plugin and Theme devs

This is a minor release which means there are breaking changes for plugins and themes. If you are a plugin author, please
check out the issue list in GitHub

What’s next?

We’re in the final stages of planning our bug bounty program, to be announced in the following weeks. Stay tuned!

New developments in the browser space

Congratulations to the Firefox team for releasing Firefox Quantum! Here at NodeBB, we’re always happy to learn about other companies pushing the web forward in terms of page load speed. As always, NodeBB will work flawlessly with the new Firefox.

Congratulations as well to the team at Opera, who launched their new forum late last month, running NodeBB! It came as a surprise to us when they launched, but we’re happy to work with the Opera team to ensure that their NodeBB experience is as excellent as their browser is!

Cover photo provided by: Cara Fuller via Unsplash

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