December 6, 2017

NodeBB 1.7.2: Topic Merging and Blobs

NodeBB 1.7.2 is here, and it includes Blob Emoji. What can we say except…

Did You Know: The plural of emoji is emoji? We didn’t until this morning. See that kids? You really can learn something new ever day.

Probably a lot more impressive, at least for moderators, is the addition of topic merging. If you have two or more forum topics that are about the same basic thing, it will now be a simple matter to merge them into one.

topic merging example

A number of other smaller issues are also addressed in this release. Please see the full list on GitHub.

There are also a minor security issue addressed in v1.7.2, so as usual, you are advised to update to the latest version of NodeBB. On behalf of the NodeBB team, thanks for all your support!

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