February 3, 2014

NodeBB v0.3.1 Released

The NodeBB team is proud to announce that the latest version of our forum software was released yesterday! This version contains several bug fixes, improvements, amazing features, new translations, and more.

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What’s New in v0.3.1

Here’s what you can expect in the latest and greatest version of NodeBB.

  • Seven new languages! Traditional Chinese, Slovak, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Norwegian Bokmål, and Hungarian! NodeBB now supports 16 languages, with Russian, Korean, Malay, and Welsh on its way in the near future.
  • Translations now handled by Transifex. Please help us translate more languages!
  • Several updates to the plugin system; themes now have the ability to tap into the hooks system as well.
  • UI fixes for the post composer
  • Single sign on packages are their own npm packages now, reducing the size of the main core codebase.
  • Optional Pagination, for those who really want pages.
  • Improvements to the @mentions engine.
  • "Remember Me" option when logging in.
  • Tweaked permission control, users with no write access shouldn’t see "Post/Reply" buttons anymore. Those without view permissions shouldn’t be able to see hidden forums anymore.
  • New User states (Away, Busy, Do Not Disturb)
  • Post Flagging
  • Tons of bug fixes.

Pretty awesome – we’ve managed to squeeze quite a lot in the past 14 days since v0.3.0 was released. Stay tuned for v0.3.2 🙂

Lavender Theme

Since we pushed out the Lavender theme for 0.3.x, we’ve had quite a few forums immediately adopt the newer theme over the vanilla theme. We’ve seen a few cool forums already that have played around with the scheme such as Kano and Man UTD Forums.

Looking forward to seeing what comes out next, especially with the release of our theme designer.

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