February 18, 2014

NodeBB v0.3.2 Released

The NodeBB team is proud to announce that the latest version of our forum software was released on Friday, 14th February (Happy Valentines Day)! This version contains several bug fixes, improvements, amazing features, and even more translations.

Keep up to date with the progress our awesome translation team is making at Transifex.

What’s new in NodeBB v0.3.2

At a Glance

Upvoting / Downvoting

The favourite button no longer awards reputation – this is now handled by the new upvote/downvote functionality. We’ve already seen one plugin that takes advantage of this system.


New Themes


Read more about the latest official NodeBB theme on this blog post.

Get it on Github:

Convoe (in development)

Everytime I look at this theme, it just gets better and better.


This theme by @xCausxn is based on Lavender and has a carbon color scheme. Head over to the original post to see the screenshot and download the theme.


Seawolf is the first theme created by @Scuzz from BitBangers. It’s based off Vanilla and uses a scheme from Adobe Kuler. Check out the screenshots on the original post.

Dark Rectangles

Another dark theme (there seems to be a pattern here!) this time by @frissdiegurke. It gives a dark, fluid width to Vanilla while taking full advantage of the Category API on the Home page. Find the download link on the original post.

New Plugins

Eight new plugins have been released so far since we released 0.3.1 two weeks ago. Have a look at the 50+ plugins available in our plugin directory.

  • Downvoter – Applies a neat opacity effect to downvoted posts (up to the point where the post totally disappears)
  • LiveReload – Useful developmental plugin, allowing you to instantly view updates to your theme/code as soon as you hit save in your IDE.
  • Emoji Extended – A whole new set of Emoji, see the screenshot below to see it in action.
  • Plugin Finder – A management tool for easily finding new plugins on NPM and installing them.
  • Imgur Uploader – Upload images via the Imgur API
  • AWS S3 Uploader – A much awaited plugin. Stores your uploads in AWS S3. Thanks to @miksago and @TeamKano for contributing back to NodeBB.
  • Colors – Allows users to format text colors using a markdown-like syntax.
  • Blog Comments – Lets you use NodeBB as your blog’s commenting engine. Currently works with Ghost and future iterations will have WP compatibility. Check out the comments section below to see it in action!

emoji extended

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