April 9, 2014

NodeBB v0.4.1 Released

It’s been almost two months since v0.3.2 but we hope it’s been worth the wait! The NodeBB team is proud to announce the release of version 0.4.1, chock full of performance upgrades, new features, and as always, a ton of new languages!

What’s new in NodeBB v0.4.1

At a glance

  • New Languages – Polish, Dutch, Thai, Sardinian, Persian, Estonian, and just for fun, Pirate English. NodeBB now supports 25 languages, with another three more in progress! Please join our translation team if you’re proficient in another language.
  • Widgets System
  • Daily Digest emails
  • Sound API and Sounds Control Panel
  • Faster load times
  • Faster transitions between pages
  • Faster restarts
  • SVG support
  • Select topics to mark unread, just like your email client
  • Soft reset (widgets / plugins / settings / all)
  • Improved support for older browsers (IE8) and old android devices
  • Improved support for browsers with JavaScript disabled (or browsers from 1989)
  • Restart your forum directly from the ACP
  • Topic thumbnails – allow users to upload a thumbnail for a topic
  • Various aesthetic updates to Lavender, which is now the default theme
  • Better SEO – improved search engine support and more metadata
  • 68 plugins, 9 themes, and over a dozen widgets
  • So much more! For more details on what else is new, please refer to our version history

Widgets System

The widgets system is a drag-and-drop interface allowing you to add blocks to your theme. For more information have a look at the original blog post.

Combined with the custom homepage plugin, one can build a customized homepage completely out of a handful of widgets:

custom homepage

Nyancat in the sidebar: running at the absolute forefront of modern design.

Spring Cleaning

We went through the server-side codebase and refactored quite a lot of code. The end result? Easier plugin development, speedier load times, and better search engine visibility. For more details have a look at the original issue.

We’ve also improved our in-house templating engine for even faster front-end rendering speed!

Join our team

We’ve already begun preparations for v0.5x – we’re dead set on making sure NodeBB is the best forum software out there, and we need your help. If you’re interested in developing plugins, themes, or working on the core, come say hi on our community forums and check out our repository on GitHub.

Not a coder or a designer? You can still contribute with your suggestions, bug reports, and feature requests. Hop on our forum or our IRC channel and say hi! We’d also love it if you would spread the word, follow us on twitter @NodeBB, and like us on Facebook.

If you know another language, please join our translation team. We use Transifex, which is an easy and simple visual tool that allows one to easily edit language files.

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