September 16, 2014

NodeBB v0.5.0 Released

It’s been about four months now since the fourth minor version of NodeBB, and as usual the latest release comes with a myriad of cool features, fixes, and performance improvements.

What’s new in NodeBB v0.5.0

At a glance

  • New Languages – Romanian and Korean. NodeBB is now being translated into 35 different languages, with another eight on it’s way! Please join our translation team if you’d like to help out.
  • Migrated NodeBB to Express 4.0
  • More controls and enhancements to the privilege system
  • Tag System
  • ACP area for custom markup in the <head> (ex. JavaScript, meta tags, etc.)
  • Better Users ACP interface
  • Posts can now be sorted in reverse chronological order or by vote count
  • Improvements to groups including badges, group pages, and more ACP options.

For a more in-depth summary of what’s new, have a look at the version history page. Alternatively you can check out the v0.5.0 tag on Github for all the issues that have been closed in this version.


We’ve moved NodeBB’s documentation out of the wiki and are now using ReadTheDocs to host our tutorials. You can access our documentation portal at

Right now our documentation is being translated into a handful of languages – if you’d like to join our documentation team on Github please leave us a note on our community forum.


Admins are now able to install / uninstall plugins directly from the ACP. We are proud to say that at the time of writing NodeBB has 159 plugins, sixteen themes, and dozens of widgets.

@trevor has also been working on the Majestic line of premium themes (v3, v4). His themes always seem to push the boundaries of NodeBB’s design!


We’ve had a few new entrants into the theming community, such as @tanner – which is nice to see. We’ll go into depth with a few theme reviews in the future but here’s a few screenshots of what’s on offer.


Have a look at the rest of the themes posted on our community forum.

What’s coming up next?

We’ve actually been working on v0.5.1 in tandem while keeping this release on feature freeze so that we can continue testing the platform’s stability.

In the meantime, here’s some of the things that are currently underway for v0.5.1

  • Clustering – allow NodeBB to spawn multiple worker processes to take full advantage of multiple core CPUs
  • Sub-categories – the masses have spoken, how can we say no?
  • Tons of performance improvements – especially when it comes to MongoDB and methods

Who’s using NodeBB?

There’s been hundreds of new NodeBB’s popping up in the recent past, and we’re really excited to see such a diverse array of communities switching over to our software. Here are two of our favourite ones in recent memory:

Kindwave are using NodeBB in an e-commerce capacity, which is a very unique way of utilizing our forum platform so far. The theme is top notch. Good luck to them!

Hashtalk is currently the most active community powered by NodeBB. Posts are streaming in at literally one every other second, and even in the wee hours of the morning it’s not uncommon to see a thousand active users.

They have a unique plugin that awards currency for upvotes, which is then used to purchase Bitcoin miners.

Have a unique instance of NodeBB? Get in touch with us – we’d love to promote you!


Chromebook Giveaway by CMS Critic

Vote for us on CMS Critic under the Best Free Forum Solution category – participating gives you a chance to win a brand new Chromebook!

Plugin & Theming Contest

Stay tuned for details on our biggest extensibility contest yet! We’ve had quite a few successful plugin weekends in the past but this time we are planning on making it a multiple week long affair with some solid prizes.

Hopefully we can see some really cool entries, much like we’ve seen in the past!

Until then, please RSVP in this topic. Good luck!

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