December 1, 2016

NodeBB v1.4.0 Release

It’s been four months since we last posted about NodeBB v1.1.0. Since then we’ve released three new minor versions (we’re too busy coding to blog apparently!). Here’s a summary about what’s new with our forum software.

  • New chat interface: support for multiple users in a chat room and the ability to rename chats (screenshot)
  • Bottom sheets for mobile (screenshot)
  • "Replies to this post"
  • Improved composer layout on mobile
  • Zen Mode: compose messages in a distraction-free fullscreen mode
  • New privileges: Ability to restrict file and image uploads on a per-category basis (screenshot)
  • Simpler and more flexible register/login page designs
  • Optional ability to configure timestamp "timeago" cutoffs – instead of "two months ago", you can opt to see the full date instead

For developers, we’ve got some interesting improvements as well:

As usual, please be aware of breaking changes for both plugins (1.2.0, 1.3.0, 1.4.0) and themes (1.2.0, 1.3.0, 1.4.0).

New Hires

Congratulations to our two recent hires, Peter Jaszkowiak and Don Roche! They will be helping our team support the ever-increasing list of companies that use NodeBB to power their community.

Better end-user documentation & How-to videos

We’ve always had a very good developer documentation portal, but what was lacking until recently has been documentation for administrators and moderators. In the past few months we’ve made a commitment to release a new how-to video once a week as well as updating our knowledge base and FAQs.

Have a look at our playlist on YouTube and our knowledge base for more info.

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