Control Everything

With over a dozen settings pages, you're able to administrate your forum as much as you want.

NodeBB's control panel lets you customise every setting for your community forum

Real-time Analytics Dashboard

Be in control with access to trending content, user activity, and other forum metrics.

See what your users are doing with via NodeBB's real-time graphs
Use the custom CSS and custom header panel to insert styling or functionality

Customise with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Tweak your forum's design to your heart's content. Don't worry - if something goes wrong, reverting is a snap. You can even paste scripts from third party vendors such as Google Analytics.

Drag-and-drop Widgets.

Add new functionality to your forum via the widgets system. You can add new content via an HTML widget or from over a dozen other widgets by dragging and dropping it onto a widget area on your forum.

Drag and drop widgets onto your forum to customise its look
Control fine-grained permissions with the access control panel

Access Control.

Grant privileges to individual users or groups, allowing you to create read-only categories or hide them altogether.

Give forum members elevated roles such as "Moderator" to allow them to help police your community.

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