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NodeBB has over 300 plugins and themes to choose from. Here are some of our favourites:

Mention other users or groups to get their attention


Mentioning another user with "@username" will send them a notification allowing them to join the conversation instantly.

You can even mention groups, handy for getting the attention of a handful of people at a time.

Question and Answer

Users can post topics as a question, and then mark it as solved when their query has been answered by another community member.

A new page is made available for users to easily browse all answered questions.

Post topics as a question and mark it as solved when it's answered
Get an alert on your desktop when a notification pops up in NodeBB

Desktop Notifications

Receive notification alerts even while NodeBB is in the background so that you never miss a conversation important to you.

NS Awards

Gamify your community by awarding users with badges and medals for contributing content, helping out other members, or simply being a role-model user.

Plugin by Nicolas Siver.

Gamification plugins engage your community by rewarding users for participation

Transform your forum's look with the Theme system

NodeBB ships with 3 core themes. You can download more themes in the Plugins Control Panel.

Customise your forum's look with a NodeBB Theme

Spice up your forum with Skins

NodeBB ships with 16 bootswatch skins. You can customize a skin with the Custom CSS Panel.

Change the colour scheme of your forum with the skinning system

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