Mobile-First Responsive Design

NodeBB forums are built from the ground up to work on all devices - phone, tablet, or desktop.

Choose between a "What You See is What You Get" editor or a Markdown editor to compose topics and replies.

Choose between a WYSIWYG or Markdown composer
Real-time chat with multi-tasking support

Built-in Realtime Chat.

Chats take private messaging to a whole new level. Native multi-tasking support allows you to have streaming conversations with multiple people side-by-side.

User-Created Groups.

Keep your users engaged and connected with each other via groups.

Each group page has an activity feed and plugins can extend functionality with features such as a calendar and a photo gallery.

User-created groups with activity feeds
Gamify your community with social interactions

Social Interactions.

NodeBB makes it easy to share and interact with content. Users earn reputation from others when posting helpful comments - gamifying and engaging your community.

Choose between our "favourite", "like", or "upvote" interaction engines (or use all three!)

Real-time Notifications.

NodeBB integrates real-time events in the background - your users are notified instantly when someone follows them, likes their post, or subscribes to their topics.

Interact with other users in real-time

Single Sign-On

Users can register using over 30 services including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Advanced Search

Find the content you're looking for with the help of several search filters designed to fine-tune your search results.

Spam Prevention

NodeBB integrates with several spam prevention tools including Akismet, StopForumSpam, and Project Honeypot.


NodeBB has a publically facing read-only API as well as a REST write API, making it easy to integrate with your software.

Roles & Permissions

Create private or read-only categories with access control. Give users or groups special roles to view or moderate content.


Users can tag topics, adding an extra dimension beyond categorization and making it easy to find related content.

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