Community forum software for the modern web.

Online forums or bulletin boards were the place where communities first gathered and thrived on the Internet. Forums pre-date blogs, social networks and smartphones. And millions of them are still going strong. From brand communities to product support boards, forums continue to be a great way to engage and provide value for communities.

Our mission is to take the spirit and energy of those great online communities, and give them all the modern features and performance they’ve come to expect from the social and mobile web.

NodeBB is a company founded by three developers who are passionate about creating great software. We were extremely proud to be named winners of the 2015 CMS Critic People's Choice Awards for Best Forum Software.

We built NodeBB using the Node.js server-side Javascript platform. Sounds like nerdy stuff, so why should you care? Because Node.js delivers unmatched performance – just ask the folks at a little company called Walmart, who ran all their 2013 Black Friday mobile traffic through Node.js systems.