With NodeBB, you...

...will never worry about performance and scalability

NodeBB is built using the Node.js server-side Javascript platform, delivering unmatched performance.

Building on this high performance platform means fast and dependable performance that will support even the biggest and most active community.

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...get a platform that supports modern responsive design.

NodeBB forums are built from the ground up to work on all devices - phone, tablet, or desktop.

Need an even more customized look? No problem, we provide full in-house design services for our Enterprise clients, contact us for more details.

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...enable great conversation and community interaction.

Posting Topics and Replies

Choose between a "What You See is What You Get" editor or a Markdown editor to compose topics and replies.

Built-in Realtime Chat

Chats take private messaging to a whole new level. Native multi-tasking support allows you to have streaming conversations with multiple people side-by-side.

Real-time Notifications

NodeBB integrates real-time events in the background - your users are notified instantly when someone follows them, likes their post, or subscribes to their topics.
  • User-created Groups

    Keep your users engaged and connected with each other via groups. Each group page has an activity feed and plugins can extend functionality with features such as a calendar and a photo gallery.

  • Tags

    Users can tag topics, adding an extra dimension beyond categorization and making it easy to find related content.

  • Advanced Search

    Find the content you're looking for with the help of several search filters designed to fine-tune your search results.

  • Roles & Permissions

    Grant privileges to individual users or groups, allowing you to create read-only categories or hide them altogether. Give forum members elevated roles such as "Moderator" to allow them to help police your community.

...be in complete control

NodeBB’s administration system makes it easy to control all aspects of your forum. You can create an unlimited number of administrator and moderator accounts, and you can set permissions on each account according to your needs.

Real-time Analytics Dashboard

Be in control with access to trending content, user activity, and other forum metrics. See what your users are doing with via NodeBB's real-time graphs. Create custom reports for virtually any action a user does, with APIs available to export into your favourite analytics software.

Drag-and-drop Widgets

Add new functionality to your forum via the widgets system. You can add new content via an HTML widget or customize your forum's presentation with over a dozen other widgets by dragging and dropping it onto a widget area on your forum.
  • Moderation

    Unparalleled moderation tools give your moderators full control over the content of your forum. Designed for both small and large-scale teams in mind.

  • Customise with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

    Tweak your forum's design to your heart's content. Don't worry - if something goes wrong, reverting is a snap. You can even include scripts from third party vendors such as Google Analytics.

  • API

    NodeBB has a publically facing read-only API as well as a REST write API, making it easy to integrate with your software.

  • Spam Prevention

    NodeBB integrates with several spam prevention tools including Akismet, StopForumSpam, and Project Honeypot.


...have access to more power with plugins and extensions

NodeBB has over 500 plugins and themes to choose from. Download and install them directly from the control panel in one click.