September 12, 2022

Meet the Designer (Vlad Gerasimov)

This blog post is the first in a series of posts related to the release of NodeBB v3

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You might already be aware that we’re in the midst of the design phase of a new base theme for NodeBB. What you might not know is that we already have some interim design previews for you to look at!

πŸ‘‰ Check out Vlad’s work on our theme here

We’ve been working closely with Vlad for the past month to really nail down what exactly we were looking for in terms of a new base theme. He, in turn, has been listening to me ramble on and on about readability and minimalism, and managed to distill it all into a style concept that we’ll be using going forward.

I initially embarked on this project hoping to have a new theme at the end, but I soon learned that what I needed was someone self-directed to own the design aspect of the product, from end-to-end. From that point, it was a no-brainer to reach out to Vlad directly and engage with him on this project.

Imagine my surprise when soon after my introduction, I learned that he already had some experience working with forums, having created the artwork that graces the header on all of the pages on phpBB. Cool!

Wait, Vlad who?

In another blog post, I’ll elaborate on what key concept and values I want to express in the new base theme. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Vlad Gerasimov, the designer we’ve engaged to work closely with us to establish a brand new style guide, design system, and base theme.

I’ve tasked Vlad to leave no stone unturned in his quest to unify all aspects of NodeBB. From choosing fonts (fun!) to critiquing custom elements (not so fun), we want v3 of NodeBB to be not only a fresh look, but a full revamp of the frontend.

… but who exactly is this Vlad fellow?

In his own words…

Vlad is UX/UI designer with over 20 years experience. He started as a freelancer web and β€œskin” designer, and gradually extended his skills to include full-stack web development, branding, illustration, managing design teams and processes, product management, user testing.

His clients are mostly small software teams. He has also worked with Yandex (largest Russian IT company) and Reasoning Mind (a US based non-profit developer of math curricula).

In 2003 he started Vladstudio website as a way to share his pictures in the form of desktop wallpapers. Today, Vladstudio collection includes 500+ unique pictures, appreciated by 80,000 registered users.

Among his other personal projects are a book for kids – Who Stole The Moon? – and New Tab for Chrome.

Vlad currently lives in Tbilisi, Georgia, and drinks a lot of coffee.

He can be found on the NodeBB community forum as @vladstudio. Come say hello!


A portrait of Vlad Gerasimov, NodeBB's new theme designer
Hi Vlad!
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