December 24, 2020

NodeBB v1.16.0 – One Last Release For A Weird Year

It’s not news to say 2020 has been… challenging. In Toronto, the home of NodeBB HQ, we’ve gone from a spring lockdown to a cautious summer reopening, to lockdown again — sigh. But the team has never stopped working, and have managed to squeeze out one last release before we thankfully turn over the calendar.

Improvements include:

  • Topic thumbnails. Multiple topic thumbnails now supported per topic. Theme integration (e.g. Persona) will follow in the near future.

NodeBB v1.16.0 - One Last Release For A Weird Year

  • Plugins admin. Plugins are now able to override the ACP relogin challenge. The default behaviour was (and still remains) a re-entering of the password. As an example, the Two-Factor Authentication plugin takes advantage of this new functionality by presenting a 2FA challenge instead.
  • Updated topic navigator. We have added a new topic navigator for those using infinite scrolling! Click the bar at the bottom right to open the navigator and try it out for yourself.

NodeBB v1.16.0 - One Last Release For A Weird Year

For a list of breaking changes, please see:

As always if you are hosting your own NodeBB forum we recommend updating to the latest version to take advantage of the latest features and fixes. Remember to back up your database before proceeding with any upgrade.

If you encounter any issues, please post them in our community support forum.

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