August 30, 2021

NodeBB v1.18.0 – Hanging Tough With A New Release

It’s been a weird and wacky summer but we hope you are hanging in there — my daughter sure was at this cool ropes course recently! Meanwhile the team has been working away on the latest release.

User Registration Changes

Increasingly many forum operators are looking to streamline the registration process. With the latest NodeBB release, you can now allow users to register without an email. Email can still be provided during sign-up (for things like password resets, digest, etc.) but is explicitly not a requirement. Note that for security reasons emails added to an account still need to be verified via a confirmation link.

Other Features and Bug Fixes

A bit of a grab-bag here, including:

  • Font Awesome has been updated to v5.5
  • All pre-existing client-side action:* hooks have been updated to use the hooks module
  • Topic events can now be deleted by moderators and admins
  • Topic events are now rendered server-side, reducing the incidence of viewport shifting on page load
  • The user interface for post and user flagging has been updated to use radio buttons instead of regular buttons
  • Flags management has been added to the Write API (see the API docs for more info)
  • Category descriptions can now contain multiple lines

You can see the list of breaking changes here:

As usual, we recommend upgrading to latest at your earliest convenience If you are running your own server and encounter issues upgrading, please post them in the community support forum.

If you are a paid hosting client, please drop an email to to schedule a time for our team to upgrade your forum.

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