August 20, 2021

What does a forum migration look like? Just ask Moz…

We were recently engaged by the SEO services company Moz to re-vamp their Q&A forum. As is typical of many of our client engagements, not only do we do our best to migrate an existing forum to NodeBB, but we try to take any lessons we learn from the project, and apply it to all NodeBBs, going forward. In this case, Moz advised us on some new best-practices for migration work, and did an informal audit on our existing SEO implementations.

As always, the best way to build a presence and rank higher on search engines is to build quality content. Short of curated, handwritten content via a blog, the next best thing is to capture the buzz surrounding your product or organization, via a publicly indexable forum such as NodeBB. Search engines take many signals into account, beyond simple “linkbacks” and keywords – not only do we now need to ensure we publish top-quality content, we need to ensure it is both fresh and relevant as well.

Moz is by far the top reference when it comes to SEO research. In an ever-changing field, Moz manages to stay on top and deliver actionable content to webmasters worldwide. We are super excited to be hosting their Q&A forum, and wish the Moz team all the best.

Last week (on my birthday, no less ?!) they published a write-up on their migration to NodeBB, including some challenges and pitfalls. More importantly, they shared some metrics from before and after the migration, showing conclusive proof that it is possible to have your cake (a new community forum software) and eat it too (not lose traffic/market share)!

Check out their write-up here

Thanks Moz!

Cover Photo Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg on Unsplash

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